About Karl

Quick run down:

My name is Karl Bowers and I’m based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. I’ve exclusively coded ExpressionEngine /Craft CMS projects for the past 14 years and have worked in the web world since 2006. Check out my work here.

I provide web development services for creative agencies, designers and direct clients. You design it, I’ll code it. I specialise in front-end development (HTML / CSS / JavaScript) on ExpressionEngine / Craft CMS projects.

I’m a no-nonsense, get it done type with a solid reputation for delivering my part of the project. I don’t promise things I can’t deliver and I always deliver what I promise.

Who Should Call Me?

  • Agencies, designers or clients needing CSS/HTML coding
  • Agencies, designers or clients needing an expert ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS developer.
  • Agencies, designers or clients needing a programmer for ExpressionEngine / Craft projects

Do Your Research

Before hiring any developer for your project, I highly recommend doing the research to make sure your chosen contractor meets all your requirements. If you take a good look through this site you will see that I have worked exclusively with ExpressionEngine / Craft CMS and have gathered a large collection of satisifed clients. I’ve worked 14+ years as a full-time ExpressionEngine / Craft CMS development partner for agencies and have had the privilege of working on some great projects!

Get in touch!

Find out how I can help you with your ExpressionEngine / Craft CMS development requirements by giving me a call on 01924 501 813 / 07771 656 606 or contact me via this enquiry form.

Client feedback:

After searching for an experienced ExpressionEngine developer to help us carry out the mission critical update requests of our client, we were very fortunate to find Karl. He has been a great asset to our team, and has helped us deliver all client project requirements at the hightest possible level. Karl comes highly recommended and is a great asset to any development team looking for top notch ExpressionEngine skills!

Mark Lynden - Managing Director

Mark Lynden - Managing Director
Matrix 10


Already being an amazing help on several other ExpressionEngine projects we have on the go, we asked Karl to help us out with some further development requests from our client for the Brodies BFamily website. As usual the turn around on the requests is spot on, more often that not offering additional feedback on how we can further improve certain aspects of the websites functionality. Karl continues to be an amazing partner for all our ExpressionEngine requirements. Highly recommended!

Bryn Beveridge, Creative Director.

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