Search Engine Optimisation for ExpressionEngine / Craft CMS sites

If you are looking to improve the search engine results for your ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS site either within a local area or in key areas of the UK, I provide solutions to help achieve this via further on-site SEO development. I have worked on a large number of sites over the years, improving SEO search results for clients across the UK.

I offer the following:

  • SEO Consultation on new and existing ExpressionEngine & Craft CMS projects.
  • Review / Assessment of site build framework for SEO effectiveness.
  • Review / Assessment of on-page keyword effectiveness.
  • Application of 3rd Party Add-ons to help with META data integration.
  • Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools integration & reporting.
  • Search Engine results check on all live web pages.
  • On-site SEO development work to improve site effectiveness.

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Find out how I can help you with your new project by giving me a call on 07771 656 606 or contact me via this enquiry form.

About Karl

Hi, my name is Karl Bowers, freelance web developer and owner of Expression 37 Ltd. I have been developing ExpressionEngine & Craft CMS websites for over 14+ years. I am trusted by and work with numerous clients up and down the UK.

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To get in touch you can reach me direct on 07771 656 606 / or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). To make an online enquiry click here.

Client feedback:

Due to high volume workload in-house, we needed to outsource some of our ExpressionEngine development work to an external contractor. After speaking to Karl, he quickly became our choice and for the client requirements. With a tight deadline Karl produced the results with amazing effieciency whilst maintaining a high level of quality. Job well done!

Jake Ingleby - Head of Digital

Jake Ingleby - Head of Digital
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